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Security Cameras & CCTV

Resdiential Surveillance Cameras

State-of-the-Art Security Systems by 911 LockSmith & Doors

We offer a number of different types of security cameras for residential & home video surveillance. Each security device is unique and provides a different set of surveillance advantages. See below for details.

  • Bullet Cameras
  • Small, compact and discreet. Bullet Cameras provide amazing picture quality as well as video recording and come in both black/white or high-res color. Infra-red bullet cameras are also available, and there are specialized bullet cams for indoor and outdoor spaces. These cameras are easily concealed and therefore go unnoticed in a variety of locations. Great for porches, back doors, garage doors, roofs, tress and most landscaping.

  • Dome Cameras
  • One of the most popular forms of surveillance cameras on the market, Dome Cameras are a budget concious way to monitor your home or office. Domes often work as great detterants as they are placed in the open. Potential vandals won't take the chance of getting caught on camera knowing that your space is clearly well secured. Many clients choose dome cameras beacuse of their strength in design and their abiliy to withstand harsh weather.

  • Fake Cameras
  • Limited Budget? No problem. Installing dummy cameras correctly can save your money, as well as your valuables. Shoplifters and Vandals will likely move on to another target just by seeing a secuity camera in the open. Fake security cameras often work best in conjunction with a few real ones, just incase there is a potential for an inside job, especially for retail storefronts.

  • IP or Network Cameras
  • The ultimate form of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras that have built in networking capabilities. Network cameras allow for video streaming over the internet, giving you access anywhere and anytime you have an internet connection. IP Cameras are often wireless which limits excess wires, decreases installation time and can be manipulated remotely at your discretion.

Please call us at (416) 562-7434 for more information regaridng our home monitoring options. We are happy to provide a zero cost, personal consultation.

Securty Camera Installation CCTV Surveillance Cameras

Commercial Surveillance Systems

Custom Commercial Video Surveillance Systems by 911 LockSmith & Doors

Most of the security cameras found in our resdential section (above) can be used commercially as well, however there are specific systems designed for commercial and industrial surveillance. A complete surveillence camera system is ususally required for businesses & commercial spaces and there are many to choose from. For this reason, we must be clear on your objectives; prior to putting together a surveillance system.

Please call us at (416) 562-7434 for more information regaridng our commercial camera systems. We are happy to provide a personal consultation, free of charge.

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